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Viaway is a missing link between international entertainment and viewers around the world, found on all Internet connected devices.

Discover: Viaway offers a large selection of free and paid content in many languages. Discover and enjoy over a 1,000 live & on-demand TV channels; 10,000 films and TV shows; 100,000 free video and audio podcasts; 50,000 free Internet radio choices from around the world! Watch FREE TV in your living room and on the go with

Play: Watch your local Live TV, seamlessly and without syncing play your personal video and music library on your favorite devices using Cloud TV: Record & Play cloud-based service with

Personalize: Build your own library with Plus features like Favorites, Queue, Download and History. Everything you browse, search, bookmark, or add to Favorites and Queue appears on all of your devices. Download free content and play it offline. Follow this link for a complete list of the devices that support Viaway
Viaway offers a number of service plans to meet your need. All you need is a Viaway Account, an active service and a device activation code.
  • 1. Join Viaway to take advantage of Viaway Service on your device

    Joining is quick, easy, and free.
  • 2. Activate your device! No device? No problems! You can use your computer!

    All your need is your device activation code. No device. Not a problem. You can subscribe to service and use your computer today. Get help activating your device.
  • 3. Choose service that you want to use on your device

    Viaway offers a number of services that fit your needs. Learn more about services we offer

Watch your favorite entertainment in your living room and on the go. No need for cable, sattelite or a special equipment. Use your existing internet connected device

  • Your entertainment is available on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and more
  • One subscription for your entire family. Watch across all of your devices - start watching on your TV, continue watching on your tablet