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It's easy! Simply share a link with your Friends and Family and YOU get the money they spend for the first month.

Become a Viaway Affiliate today and earn instant commissions for every new dollar your referrals spent at Viaway. It's simple, quick and easy! With our ready-to-go tools, you'll have everything you need such as web links to Viaway entertainment, RSS feeds, banners, search widgets, special offers, coupons and more!

  • 1. Sign up for FREE Viaway Affiliate account.

    Sign up is quick, easy, and free. Join now.
  • 2. Let your viewers know

    Option 1. If you have friends, web-site or blog

    - Invite your friends and viewers: simply email an invitation to your friends and viewers.
    - Link to Viaway: use our simple link or pre-made buttons to generate referrals on your blog or website.
    - Want to do more? We will prepare custom marketing materials for you and send them to your premises. You can give them to your customers and promote your affiliation with Viaway.

    Option 2. If you want to provide a complete solution for your customers with hardware

    - You can choose one of many devices we support and configure it for your customer.
    - We will support all your efforts and will answer any questions you may have.
    - If you provide installation and configuration services for the customers at home, you will get 100% of the installation fee, and margin on the equipment resale.

  • 3. Start making money. We pay you commissions for every transaction.

    You get an instant commission on all profits from the subscribers that join Viaway through your efforts. We do not limit you geographically, nor in the number of subscriptions or profits, and we do not require exclusivity. We will provide you with technical assistance, monthly statement and a royalty payment.

    For monthly subscriptions, your commission is what your referrals paid first month! For example, if 1,000 of your referrals sign up for a monthly service of $15 you will earn $1500 that month. You will receive unlimited technical assistance, a monthly statement and a ROYALTY payment.
    For any other subscriptions, your commission is what your referrals paid prorated by a term of subscription. For example, if 1,000 of your referrals sign up for an annual service of $120 you will earn $120 divided by 12, which $10 for each of 1,000 referrals or $1200 that month.

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