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Contact us today to monetize your device with a large collection of content and increase your customer loyalty with Viaway

  • New Revenues
  • Loyal Customers
  • Risk-free

Viaway application delivers professional media content to our users on Internet connected devices all over the world. We have developed native clients for Smart TV platforms, Android Devices, Windows Phone, iOS, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles.

Viaway offers Device partners new sources a world class on-device entertainment feature and opportunity to build loyalty to your brand with our innovative service.
  • Proven solution which connects all of consumer devices with their favorite entertainment
  • Value add service to YOUR customers on YOUR device
  • Access to largest Entertainment Media collection in the world with over 50,000 video programs, 25,000 audio programs, 20,000 radio stations and 1,000 live tv and over 20,000 films

New device activation by country

Connect with International audiences across multiple screens all around the world. Below is a map of Viaway users all over the world. The number is in % of total devices for a date range.

Join leading brands with Viaway success on the Internet connected devices

Below is a chart of devices that have been activated with Viaway service. The number is in % of total devices.

Viaway in your app store

Viaway develops and support Viaway branded application on a public marketplace.
  • We distribute Viaway application for free and offer subscriptions services to users.
  • This proposal allows for no effort, no investment or continued maintenance on your part.
  • Examples: Android Marketplace, Samsung and LG Smart TV App Store, Windows Phone Marketplace, iTunes App Store

Viaway distribution agreement

Promote and market Viaway application to your customers.
  • We will give your users access to Viaway for free and offer subscriptions which will pay you for every paid subscription.
  • This proposal allows for a recurring revenue stream and increased loyalty of your customers with almost no effort, investment or continued maintenance on your part.
  • Example: Toshiba, Opera, Philips, Sony, just to name a few Marketplace

White label customization

This option allows you to have your own application on internet connected devices with your own brand and control every aspect of your content delivery to the viewer.
  • Viaway will provide development, maintenance and support for your unique brand under our platform.
  • This option varies in price depending on your specific needs, and will require a significant initial investment plus annual fees as a percentage of the total licensing cost.

Follow this link for a complete list of the devices that support Viaway

Watch your favorite entertainment in your living room and on the go. No need for cable, sattelite or a special equipment. Use your existing internet connected device

  • Your entertainment is available on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and more
  • One subscription for your entire family. Watch across all of your devices - start watching on your TV, continue watching on your tablet