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Viaway is a missing link between international entertainment and viewers around the world, found on all Internet connected devices.

Contact us today to reach Viaway users who are primarily young, educated, affluent and technology-savvy professionals.

  • Diverse and highly engaged customers
  • Your ads delivered by geo, device and interest
  • Ad placement on multiple screens

Why Advertise on Viaway?

You'll reach potential customers across a widest range of Internet-connected devices next door or across the world.

  • We offer North American and International advertisers the opportunity to put their message in front of an affluent and highly-engaged community of potential buyers globally.
  • Unlike YouTube and other user-generated video platforms, Viaway focuses on delivering professional media content which means your advertisement will appear with the content that is high-quality and in high-demand.
  • Best of all, you pay only when your advertisement has been streamed through 100% completion.

Your Ads are viewed and delivered to the primary target audience:

  • By location: geo-targeting country, state, city, and zip code in USA;
  • By device: Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, streaming and mobile devices, tablets and computers narrowed down to an individual model, brand or device type;
  • By interest: choose from hundreds of relevant topics like Health, Beauty, Education, Sports etc, reaching people based on the interests they have expressed in their media selection.

Diverse and highly engaged International viewers:

  • Connect your products with local and International customers in more than 115 countries;
  • Viaway users are primarily young, educated, affluent and technology-savvy professionals.

Playback of content by age

Below is content play by age.

Playback of content by viewer primary language

Below is content play by viewers primary language choice.

Playback of content by viewer secondary language

Below is content play by viewers secondary language.

Viewer language by country

Primary language: English. Secondary Language: English.

Ad placement on multiple screens:

  • Extend your ads reach to the Internet connected devices as your ad appears on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, mobile devices, and online;
  • Put your business in front of people as they watch TV indoors or use their phones and tablets throughout the day on the go.

Below is a chart of devices that have been activated with Viaway service. The number is in % of total devices.

Guaranteed Impressions and Metrics to measure ad performance:

  • With Viaway Ads you know whether a potential customer saw your advertisement. We provide you with detailed metrics to measure your campaign impact.

Capture Attention & Inspire Action with Interactive Video Ads:

  • Your Ads capture customers’ attention and call for action across devices with landing pages, special offers via email, and downloadable coupons.

100% completion rate model:

  • You pay only for advertisement that has been 100% delivered to the targeted customers.

Professional content that attracts your target audience:

  • Viaway provides users with high-quality professionally-produced content that is appealing to advertisers. There's no need to worry about questionable user-generated content next to your ad.

Engagement and Viewership above the industry average

  • Viaway continues to demonstrate the higher average in user engagement and viewership, the average user watches 24 hours of media content on Internet Connected devices through Viaway app on a monthly basis.
  • Nearly 90 percent of all our users are returning visitors, that shows a very high level of interest in our service and content that we carry on Viaway. An average user spends almost an hour a day playing content through Viaway.

User engagement from 6/20/2024 to 7/20/2024

Viaway users stay engaged with entertainment from around the world for long a period of time.
Below is a real-time data of an average users engagement in minutes by day for the period.

Shortest Average Session per day: 185 minutes
Longest Average Session per day: 185 minutes
On Average Session per day: 185 minutes

Great opportunity for TV Ads

  • Nearly 90 percent of all our users are owners of Smart TVs and Blu-ray players which presents an excellent opportunity to advertisers that want to place their ads on TV and want to know their ad performance metrics.

Playback of content by gender

Below is content play by gender.

Delivering media entertainment to users in 115 countries worldwide

New device activation by country

Connect with International audiences across multiple screens all around the world. Below is a map of Viaway users all over the world. The number is in % of total devices for a date range.

Viaway offers In-Stream video or audio advertising and banner campaigns on its main website and across Internet-connected devices like Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, streaming and mobile devices, tablets and computers.

For a complete list of devices please visit distribution page.

Rate Card (CPM):
30 second Pre-Roll $10
30 second Post-Roll $10
30 second Mid-Roll $20
Banner ad ( $1
Banner ad (on devices) $2
  • Viaway Banner advertising starts from as low as $1 CPM
  • In-stream video and audio advertising opportunities include pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads
  • In-app Banner advertising solutions available

Facts about Users of Internet Connected Devices

A survey conducted by media consultancy Decipher for Rovi Corporation in December 2012 revealed high consumer engagement with brands advertising on Connected TVs. The research found that owners of connected Samsung TV and Blu-ray players are primarily young, affluent and technology-savvy males. Connected TV users are super-consumers of media content and own a lot of gadgets. They are seven times more likely to own a tablet than the UK average, the survey showed.

Key Findings

Key findings released by Rovi Corporation in April 2012 from its Smart TV advanced advertising study, conducted in the UK:

  • Connected TV Owners are receptive to Interactive Advertising, they perceived them as contextual and engaging
  • 68% of Users Exposed to Areas of Smart TV Platforms with Ad Placements Noticed the Advertisements; 1 in 3 of Those Clicked Through
  • 86% Uplift in Brand Association for Ad Viewers
  • 79% of Ad Viewers Claimed to Have Subsequently Participated in Additional Product or Brand Related Activities

Understanding the varying types of family dynamics should help inform marketers and enable brands to increase key audience engagement. Three main types of family households, which yielded varying patterns of connected-TV purchase motivations and use cases included:

  • Technology-driven Couples: Couples with connected TV's were found to be extremely brand driven and use their connected TV as an integrated part of their busy lives.
  • Entertainment-engaged Young Families: Connected TV's for this audience provided a way to synthesize quality family time. The key driver was entertainment choice and ease of use.
  • Staggered-usage Mixed Families (defined with families with children over 13): Individuality was high within this group as each family member had his/her own connected TV usage preferences; however, there remained 'touch points' in early weekday evenings to watch TV together.
  • Further, the connected TV became a platform to make the Internet accessible to older generations within a supportive family network.

Source: Rovi Corporation

Facts about Online Video Advertising

  • In-Stream video advertising represents a huge opportunity for advertisers. In fact, it's one of the fastest growing segments of online advertising. Worldwide, around 200 billion videos are watched online every month, reaching a global audience of 1.2 billion people, according to ComScore - which means your In-Stream video ads have massive potential for reaching your target audience. Online video commands a more prominent place in living rooms and a larger share of people's time (Source:
  • Audiences are most actively engaged when it comes to consuming video ads on tablets and smartphones, according to a new report by Adobe. Completion rates on mobile devices are the highest of any environment with 94 percent, suggesting that mobile viewers are more engaged and open to watching ads on the go in exchange for the content they want, where and when they want it.
  • According to Forrester, 37 million U.S. households currently own a connected device that enables them to watch digital video on their TV screens—up from fewer than 25 million in 2010 (Source: