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Viaway is the platform for distributing and monetizing professional media content worldwide across a wide range of Internet connected devices. Viaway offers on-demand playback of your content on the Internet connected devices:

  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic;
  • IPTV players like Roku;
  • Smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android based devices including Google TV, Kindle, Nook; PC and Mac computers.

Our Content Partners

We welcome Content Owners, Providers, Broadcasters, Production companies of any scale as well as other copyright owners of professionally-produced content to promote and cross-sell to millions of users worldwide at no cost through our easy-to-use distribution platform. We’re always looking for high quality digital content to add to the diverse multilingual network at Viaway.

Why publish and distribute on Viaway?

Viaway makes it easy for content providers to connect with International audiences across multiple screens, publish your media content to the Internet connected devices, extend your reach, and monetize your content.

Our platform doesn't require financial investment and allows content to be securely distributed across multiple devices, checkout devices that support Viaway.

New device activation by country from 6/20/2024 to 7/19/2024

Connect with International audiences across multiple screens all around the world. Below is a map of Viaway users all over the world. The number is in % of total devices for a date range.

Extend your content reach to the Internet connected devices

Below is a chart of devices that have been activated with Viaway service. The number is in % of total devices.

User engagement from 6/19/2024 to 7/19/2024

Viaway users stay engaged with entertainment from around the world for long a period of time.
Below is a real-time data of an average users engagement in minutes by day for the period.
No Data To Report

Diverse and highly engaged International viewers

  • Connect your content with local and International customers in more than 115 countries;
  • Viaway users are primarily young, educated, affluent and technology-savvy professionals.

Playback of content by age from 6/20/2024 to 7/19/2024

Below is content play by age.

Playback of content by viewer primary language from 6/20/2024 to 7/19/2024

Below is content play by viewers primary language choice.

Playback of content by viewer secondary language from 6/20/2024 to 7/19/2024

Below is content play by viewers secondary language.

Viewer language by country from 6/20/2024 to 7/19/2024

Primary language: English. Secondary Language: English.

Easy to use Publishing and Management of Your Content

  • Easy to Upload & Publish
    We offer browser-based file upload and FTP upload.
  • Complimentary File Hosting
    Enjoy complimentary storage for your professional media content.
  • Content Management
    Edit metadata online, categorize your content, setup a playlist and translate into number of languages.
  • Geographical Restrictions
    Restrict your content playback by a specific country.
  • Complimentary Transcoding
    Viaway automatically converts your media file submitted in one format into all necessary formats that are supported on a wide range of devices to ensure a high quality playback on different devices. You can focus on content while we take care of technology.
  • Free Publisher Account
    Integration into the World TV doesn't require investment and starts with a free Publisher Account, apply for your publisher account here.

Distribute to the Internet connected devices from leading brands

  • Free multi-platform distribution
    Offer your existing audience more ways to watch your content: TV, Blu-ray, Roku, Android, Apple devises and more. Utilize one-stop distribution through Viaway
  • Grow your audience worldwide
    Reach viewers that don’t currently have access to your programming. We also support our partners' content promotion through our Social Media channels and by marketing qualified content to our rapidly growing subscriber base.
  • Secure valuable content
    We ensure that your content is safe from piracy with secure and encrypted access to the content. It ensures that when you distribute paid content on Viaway, the only people who can view your content are the people who have paid for it.
  • High quality digital video
    We enable a high quality audio and video experience on a wide variety of connected devices both in full screen and a preview mode. Your audience will love excellent quality of on-demand media content that they can enjoy anywhere, anytime on their own schedule.
  • Increase engagement with your content
    Viaway uses Social Media tools to drive audience interaction and to ensure they keep coming back to your content. We link to social media sites so your viewers can like, rate, comment on or recommend your content to their friends. We focus on integrating more interactive tools to help increase popularity and build fan community.

Earn Royalty for Your Content

Viaway supports rental or purchase, a-la-carte subscription and streaming viewing. Free content is monetize with partner advertising networks.

Rental or Purchase

  • You earn a royalty every time customer rents or purchases your content. You receive 50% of the rental/purchase price of your content. For example, if your content is rented at $1.99, you earn a royalty of $0.99.
  • We will be responsible for content maintenance and device testing to ensure high quality playback. This option would earn you money for every time the content is rented or purchased.

A-la-carte subscription

  • Setup monthly subscription to your channel, program or content. You receive 50% of the a-la-carte subscription price. For example, if your channel is subscribed at $2.99, you earn a royalty of $1.49 every month.

Streaming royalty

  • You earn a royalty for every minute the customer watches your content on Viaway.
  • For professional Video content your royalty is $0.001 per minute watched. For example, if 10,000 users watch your 2 hour show, your earn $1,200
  • For professional Audio content your royalty is $0.0003 per minute watched. For example, if 10,000 users listen to your 2 hour show, your earn $360


Track your content's performance with daily and monthly analytical reports.

You can effortlessly monitor your content’s playback and revenue performance on the dashboard of your Publisher Account. Export all your data to share with your clients or colleagues.

Step 1: Create a free Viaway account

If you are a professional Media Content Owner, first create a free Viaway account so you can login.

Step 2: Fill out our publisher application

We need to know more about you and your content, so please fill out your publisher application.

Step 3: Submit your content

Once you are approved as a publisher you can start uploading your media files so we can set up your content in our system.

Step 4: Make your content available to millions and start earning money

Submit your content and metadata for approval, select the revenue model you want to use, and start earning money every time your content is viewed or heard.

Monetize your content with Viaway. Start your free online setup now.