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PLEASE NOTE. Private only for adults of 18 years of age or 21 in some locations. You will be required to agree to Private agreement and provide a proof of your age with your credit card. You will need is an account and an active service to access private content. FREE trial is available. To activate your device you need a device activation code.
  • 1. Join Viaway to access Viaway Private online or on your device

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  • 2. Choose World TV or Viaway On-Demand (Rent / Buy / A-la-carte) Service Plan in order to access Viaway Private online or use it on your device

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  • 3. Agree to Viaway Private terms of service and setup private access code

    You are in control, setup your own private access code (parental control) and agree to Viaway Private Terms of Service
  • 4. Activate your device!

    All your need is your device activation code. Get help activating your device.
  • 5. Watch online or on your device

    To watch Private online you need to login on your computer. To watch on your device, login on your computer find Private content you want to watch and click 'Add To Favorites'. On your device, go to My Viaway / Favorites.